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Lucien Crochet

Our wines

2 varietals, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, thrive in our “griottes”, “caillottes” and “terres blanches” terroirs.
These are our wines and their terroir(s). You will find further information in the data sheets that you can consult and download.

Sancerre Blanc Le Chêne Marchand

In this highly renowned named place in the village of Bué, the vines grow in plots that are made up exclusively of "caillottes". The ideal wine to pair with fine food.

Sancerre Blanc Les Calcaires

A blend of grapes from our estate’s different plots that grow in calcareous clay soil-based "caillottes" and "griottes" terroirs.

Sancerre Blanc Cuvée Prestige

A blend of grapes from 2 plots of old vines with a "griottes" terroir facing due south lends complexity to this lively, elegant wine.

Vendange du 7 octobre, Vin de France

Cuvée "unique" made from slightly overripe grapes, vinified 100% in a 600 liters oak barrel.
Very nice balance between sugar and acidity, with freshness in the mouth.

Sancerre Rouge La Croix du Roy

"Caillottes" and "terres blanches" terroirs for this Pinot Noir produce this wine that boasts lovely substance. It is aged both in barrels and stainless steel for 22 months.

Sancerre Rouge Cuvée Prestige

This red cuvée is a blend of grapes from our oldest vines planted in calcareous clay terroirs. It is 100% barrel aged.

Sancerre - Pinot Rosé

100% Pinot Noir grown on the estate’s 3 different types of terroirs: "caillottes", "griottes" and "terres blanches". An intense colored wine for the 2018 vintage to be enjoyed with friends… preferably on a nice sunny day!